About Us

At Human Story, we help people understand the true power of their stories and to use them well.

Our brains are hardwired for personal stories. They help us make a deeper connection to others and ourselves.

In crafting them, we achieve clarity about what we want to say and make sense of our life experiences.

In telling them, we communicate our values, capabilities and what matters to us most.

In listening to them, we gain new perspectives and understanding of each other and the world around us.

Learn how to identify and craft the stories that make up your unique narrative and how to tell them with purpose and impact.

Peter Rudge

Prior to HumanStory, Pete was the MD of documentary production company Duckrabbit and before that served in the British Diplomatic Service. He’s worked with politicians, business people, government departments, advertisers, artists and sportspeople to enable them to build consistently influential stories.

Emma Foster

Before co-founding HumanStory, Emma built her career in creative agencies and technology start-ups working with global brands to develop motivated communities of interest around their proposition. Emma is a big believer in the unique power of story to capture the imagination, envision new possibilities and move people to act.