Story Coaching

Story – The Killer App

Whether you need to influence, sell or build trust, there is only one tool – Story.

Because story connects at a deeper level than the presentation of facts or information they are the most effective way to transmit your purpose and why we should trust and believe you.


And not just any story. Your story.

Stories from your life that reveal who you are and what you’re capable of. The unique experiences that have shaped you and are the source of your strength and drive.


In just a few short sessions, you will develop the confidence to create and share compelling stories that communicate your ideas effectively and resonate with your audience. 

When we consume a well-crafted story our hearts race, feel good chemicals flood our brain and we have a visceral and physical reaction that makes us sit up and pay attention.


Our brains have evolved to make story the primary mode of communication and meaning making. And yet, too often we resort to facts and figures to try and capture people’s interest and enthusiasm.


Learn the most effective method to cut through the content overload of today and make a magical impression in just three enjoyable coaching sessions.

Meet The Coach

How It Works:

In just three 1 hour sessions*, you will:


Session One: Establish your goals for becoming a great story teller. Learn about the key design and psychological principles for crafting great stories.


Session Two: Early draft of your stories and identifying the beats that get people’s hearts racing and empathy chemicals fizzing.


Session Three: Finalise and practice telling your stories with confidence.

* In person or via Zoom calls.

What You’ll Get Out Of It:

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