High-stakes Stories

Boost empathy and inspire transformation. Stories that galvanise specific values and behaviours.

Welcome to a workshop that will change how you approach leadership and team dynamics. Today’s rapidly evolving landscape requires empathetic and influential leaders who can mobilise their teams to navigate high-stakes challenges and opportunities. Our workshop is your training ground for achieving just that.

During our sessions, we’ll empower you and your team to craft and share stories that are powerful primers, shaping emotional states and inspiring transformation.

Empathy and Emotional Fitness: Teams fluent in personal storytelling are highly empathetic and cooperative in achieving the outcomes they want.

Embrace new behaviours and ideas with confidence. Stories will be your training ground for a culture that welcomes change and encourages new ideas and behaviours to take root. Benefit from the transformative power of personal stories and learn how to use them strategically to accelerate your impact.

Universally Inclusive: Our approach transcends cultural and hierarchical boundaries whilst celebrating individual voices within the collective mission, enabling you to embrace and benefit from your team’s diverse experiences and backgrounds.

How does it work?


Our education formats are entertaining, interactive and tailored to meet our clients’ specific needs and objectives. 

We lay out a clear process and model to create high-impact personal stories that are highly memorable and emotionally resonant. We leave our clients with a simple and effective toolkit and an understanding of how to use it strategically.

From 1-hour masterclasses to multi-day transformative programmes. They can be delivered in person and online.



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