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Your Story Is Power

Emma Foster

Emma Foster

HumanStory Courses

Your Story Is Power

Emma Foster

Emma Foster

“Stories are the single most powerful weapon any leader can arm themselves with – they are the currency of humanity”

Steven Bartlett, Entrepreneur & UK Dragon

Because story connects at a deeper level than the presentation of facts or information they are the most effective way to transmit your purpose and why we should trust and believe you.

And not just any story. Your story.

Your real life stories are the most powerful authentic communication of who you are and what you stand for. They help us understand your motivation, your capabilities and why certain values and beliefs are important to you.

In this enlightening course you will learn how to identify and craft your unique stories and gain the confidence to tell them with potency and conviction.

Stories that move others.

We are biologically wired for stories. When we consume a well-crafted personal story our hearts race, feel good chemicals flood our brain and we have a visceral and physical reaction that makes us sit up and pay attention.

In this practical course we will take you through real world case studies of high profile individuals from the world of business, finance, politics and sport who use their stories to:

  • Inspire and motivate others. 
  • Communicate their values, strengths and capabilities.
  • Connect with others in an authentic and engaging way.

Stories that move you.

The process of exploring and developing your stories is surprisingly galvanising and you will leave the course feeling more self assured and motivated than when you started.

This course is for you, if you want to:


Sharing our personal stories engenders empathy and builds trust with others. Their relatable and authentic nature draws people in, triggering oxytocin and dopamine – the neurochemical drivers of social bonding.

engage with impact

Your real-life stories enable you to express yourself with presence, authenticity and memorable individuality. People will remember you and your story.


Gain deeper insight into who you are and what drives you. A rewarding process that reveals your unique strengths and capabilities, boosting motivation and self-belief.

Meet the Instructors



Before co-founding HumanStory, Emma built her career in creative agencies and technology start-ups specialising in brand storytelling. Emma is a big believer in the unique power of story to capture the imagination, envision new possibilities and move people to act.

Peter Rudge

Peter Rudge

Over his 20-year career, in the British Diplomatic Service and then as MD of an award-winning production company, Peter has seen first-hand the impact a well- crafted story can have. He has coached politicians, artists, sports people and business leaders in the power of sharing their stories.

What’s Included

In under two hours you will learn:

MOdule One

Five real world case studies featuring well known people from business, sport, politics and finance will show the variety of ways personal stories deliver impact.

Module Two

Why stories are so potent. The key design and psychological principles for crafting great stories so you can tell them with neurochemical impact.

module Three

Time to develop your first story. Identify the beats that get people’s hearts racing and empathy chemicals fizzing. Become a confident storyteller.

What you’ll get out of it


A super practical course where you craft one of your stories as you go through. A story that only you can tell and will capture the imagination and interest of others.

A Repeatable Design Framework

You will learn a practical, actionable framework that will give you the confidence to create persuasive and neurochemically potent stories with ease.

Take Control of Your Narrative

You’ll learn how to use your stories to support your goals and ambitions, and understand how crucial it is to be intentional about the stories that you tell others and yourself.

Course Reviews

“Magic. We had underestimated how our unique stories can capture the imagination of others”

Stine Dulong, Founder Skandihus

“Personal stories nail the ‘why’ of your mission more than any pitch deck could ever do. A really valuable course”

Vishal Khakhar, Founder, Octoply AI

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