Mission Narrative

For teams on a mission. A compelling narrative that fuels a shared vision and desire to make it happen.

Narratives make things happen. They are the way that we make sense of things, figure out what’s going on and decide what to do. They mobilise, get people on board, build movements and change worlds.

For anyone on a mission – it is essential to be intentional in crafting a compelling narrative that aligns with your mission and values, driving motivation and a sense of shared purpose.

Mission Narrative Workshop – 1 day.

The team gather to collaborate on completing their Mission Narrative Map – a simple, powerful, tested tool for understanding, designing, refining and implementing your dynamic mission narrative.

A visual framework and process that uses story structure to organise, develop and present key information and applies neuroscience and psychology to create narratives that make people feel something and move them to take action.

Seeing all of the elements of the mission on a single map allows individuals to grasp the big picture and fosters an interactive and participatory environment – enhancing collaboration, facilitating communication and accelerating clarity.


An effective, efficient and evergreen tool to quickly orient new team members, stakeholders or investors to the state of play, the opportunity and the challenges of the mission.

Your Mission Narrative Map becomes a rallying point – a credible and galvanising vision of how to get from here to there.

Are you taking advantage of your most valuable asset?

Whether we are conscious of it or not, every human endeavour or initiative has a narrative that influences what people believe is possible or desirable and ultimately determines its success or failure.

A mission narrative is an energising force that delivers clarity, cohesion and motivation to make it happen. It brings your strategy to life, infusing it with the emotional and psychological engagement needed to succeed.

Without it, teams suffer from a lack of clear identity and purpose, but with it,  your team gains the strength and focused energy to overcome obstacles and propel the mission forward.

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