Leadership Narrative

Learn how to use personal storytelling to accelerate your impact as a leader.

Welcome to a transformative workshop that will show you how personal storytelling can accelerate your impact as a leader and give you the skills to do it.

Your stories will:

Establish your authenticity as a leader. Personal stories that reveal who you are, what you’re capable of and why we should trust and believe you.

Inspire others with your purpose and values. Stories that move them to action.

Enable you to connect and build trust. Your stories penetrate at a deeper level than factual presentation, generating emotional and psychological engagement.

Nurture and influence specific mindsets and behaviour in others. Stories capture the imagination and help people envision new perspectives and ways of being.

Express yourself in an authentic and memorable way. People will remember you and your story.

The Workshop Includes:

Deep dive into the art and science of why personal stories are so potent, informed by the latest neuroscience and psychology. 

Real world case studies of high profile individuals from the world of business, finance, politics and sport who use their stories to accelerate their impact.

Learn a repeatable design framework for crafting potent stories that have neurochemical impact. Identify the beats that get people’s hearts racing and make them sit up and pay attention.


Participants will leave as motivated storytellers, ready to use their personal stories to accelerate their impact and tell them with conviction.


Put Your Leadership Narrative To Work.

Personal Storytelling – a foundational skill for any leader who wants to influence, build trust and effect sustainable change.

We offer this HumanStory programme as a team half-day workshop or on an individual 1-1 coaching basis.

An energising and enlightening learning experience with practical outcomes that you can use to powerful effect straight away.

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