Stories of Value

Use storytelling to turn your guiding values into inspiring calls to action.

At HumanStory, we guide companies beyond formal value statements.

We emphasize that it’s the everyday stories shared within an organisation that shape beliefs and behaviours. These informal stories influence what individuals decide is desirable and possible, serving as catalysts for cultural growth and economic success – or not.

Intentionally cultivating teams immersed in their values through shared stories is a powerful strategy. It creates a competitive advantage for your company, shaping an environment where colleagues not only intellectually buy into values but emotionally and psychologically embody them.

Recounting lived experiences related to values like curiosity, experimentation, courage, or collaboration builds a collective value muscle, enhancing your team’s ability to act according to those values when the moment arises.

Our Workshop:

A high-energy, interactive session that equips participants with the art and science of storytelling to emotionally engage and mobilize their teams around shared values.

Drawing inspiration from real-world case studies and popular culture references, participants learn a design framework to craft their own compelling stories that they can express in their own distinct style, with ease and confidence.

Participants leave galvanised about investing a story culture that binds them together and turns their guiding values into daily inspiration and calls to action.

Are You Getting Value From Your Values?

We all know that fostering a culture grounded in shared values is pivotal for cultivating high-performance teams .

But too frequently, company values linger gathering dust in mission statements, disconnected from the day-to-day reality.

In this fun but galvanising workshop, teams learn how to bring their shared values to life and unlock their intended purpose to guide, inspire and accelerate positive impact.