Leadership 1-1

Shared with others, personal stories are a powerful means to shape the culture of your organisation.

Personal storytelling is a skill that effective leaders use to transmit their experience, engender empathy and motivate their team and key stakeholders.  It’s a key skill for anyone who needs to persuade or influence an audience to assimilate complex, challenging or counterintuitive concepts.

The storytelling of a particular type and structure connects on a deeper psychological level than the intellectual presentation of facts.  Told well, these stories subconsciously communicate who you are, what you stand for and what you are capable of.  Shared with others they are a powerful means to nurture desired values and behaviours in those that you lead and to shape the culture of your organisation.   

Personal stories can be used to mobilise teams and partners around the mission, to enthuse the wider market and clients and at the same time encourage cultures such as adaptability, entrepreneurialism and resilience.  Leaders who deploy this approach give permission to the wider team to do the same, encouraging everyone to be part of a story of shared values and mutual mission.

Our personal narrative development programme equips leaders with the skills to use effective storytelling structures and the neurochemistry that underpins them.  We’ll coach you to develop personal stories that will be transmissible, memorable and contagious units of meaning which can be disseminated across the full range of channels, from one-to-one interpersonal contact to interviews, internal comms and social media.

Focused 1-1 sessions delivered flexibly over a 3-month period, in person or online. 


Part 1.  Objective setting

During this initial consultation, we will go through specific goals and objectives for the output of the programme.  

Part 2.  Story Education Session

We’ll use examples from politics (Barack Obama, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Donald Trump), business (Terry Smith, Warren Buffett, amongst others), and advertising (Nike, Guinness, Adidas) to identify how influential storytelling works and how to design and construct a personal story for impact.  You’ll come out of this with a cast iron story model that allows you to start thinking about storytelling in a structured way. 

Part 3.  Personal Story Design Sessions

We’ll identify start points for stories that you want to tell and that best fit the objectives identified in Part 1.  Collaboratively, we’ll craft 4 personal stories and help you version them for particular platforms or use cases. Typically this will take 6-8 sessions over 2-3 months. 

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