Transformation Narrative

From social movements, venturing into new world or embracing reinvention - personal stories are unique in their ability to mobilise teams and partners around a mission.

The stories we tell about major change initiatives can go a long way to determining their success or failure.

We work with companies undergoing significant transformations to leverage the power of personal stories to mobilise teams and partners around the mission and, at the same time, encourage a culture of adaptability and resilience that moments of change demand.

Stories bring to life the why and how of the transformation by acknowledging the challenges we face and demonstrating our ability to make things better. They make sense of the shift to the new world at a time when it is easy to feel disconnected or disengaged. 

As your team moves from the old world towards the new, well-chosen stories tell you where you are in the journey, provide reassurance at moments of challenge and boost resolve to reach the goal. And because storytelling of a particular type and structure connects on a deeper psychological level than the intellectual presentation of facts, they provide a powerful way to unlearn old ways, introduce new approaches and promote solidarity.

Investing in human stories at the heart of a change programme generates a fresh and compelling new narrative, a source of guidance, inspiration and a force multiplier for the transformation.

Delivered across two insightful and motivating 2.5 hr workshops.

Part 1Why personal stories can be powerful agents of change and story design.

An overview of how personal stories can be used strategically to galvanise teams around the mission, desensitise fear of change and nurture growth mindsets. From Obama to Trump, The Big Short to Wizard of Oz we use entertaining, surprising and counter-intuitive examples from politics, business, entertainment and sport to show how neurochemically active stories work and the model to create them.

At the end of the session, we will set the participants a practical personal storytelling task around an agreed transformation value or behaviour that will bed in the principles we’ve covered.

Part 2: Story sharing session.

Participants take turns sharing their stories in a supportive and informal environment. Live coaching as each member receives instant feedback and collaborative editing.  This a great opportunity to apply the model and see how effective it is in creating meaningful stories efficiently.

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